Sentiment Indicator - What is it? How do I use it?

Our Sentiment Indicator can really help you gauge what other people are thinking about certain stocks and whether the community is bullish, bearish or sitting on the fence. Here are 5 quick steps which shows how to effectively use it.

Step 1: Check out the Sentiment on a company page.

In this example, 91% of the community is bullish on Apple (AAPL).


Step 2: With our transparency you can see which users are Bullish or Bearish.

Here you can see all the users who have entered in Bullish/Bearish calls on a particular stock, at what particular price and the duration.

Step 3: See which users are making the right calls.

Want to see which users are making the right calls and on what? You can do that by going to the Sentiment Rankings page to see which users are ranked on top. You can then start following what they do in order to profit from their calls.

Step 4: Drill down into leading users.

You can drill down into leading users and see what previous calls they have made, their returns as well as their current outstanding calls. Everything is transparent.

Step 5: Make a Sentiment Call.

You too can make Sentiment Calls on stocks. Simply select your stock. On the stock's page, select whether you are Bullish or Bearish and then indicate the time-frame. And that's it.